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Best Care Hospital, OGUK Offshore, ENG 1, Belgian, Norwegian, NIMASA, Certified for Seafarer's Medicals, Ambulance Service, Obsterics, Gynecology, Emergency (A&E), Pediatric, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Pre-employment Test, Pre-School Admission, Medical Consultation, Orthopedic Service, General Surgery, ENT Medical Service, Domestic Health Screening, Food Handlers Test, Audiometry, Spirometry (Lung Function Test), Drug & Alchol Screening, Mobile Clinic etc.

BESTCARE Hospital is recognised and approved for medical examination centre for seafarers in Nigeria.

BESTCARE Hospital Medical Examinations for sailors include:

bestcare hospital seafarers
  1. Medical Examination for seafarers.
  2. ENG1 Certificate for seafarers
  3. OGUK (Oil & Gas UK) Work Offshore Certificate
  4. Belgian Seafarers Certificate
  5. NIMASA seafarers Medical Services hospital
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