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If you’re planning to get a job as crew on board a yacht, you’ll need to obtain an ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate or equivalent before you can begin working on board. Here’s a look into what the ENG1 is, why you need it and how you can set about obtaining yours.

Yacht doctor taking ENG1 crew examination notes

What is an ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate?
The ENG1 is a medical examination set by the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) to assess whether individuals are fit to work on a seagoing vessel and perform duties at sea. You’ll need an ENG1 if you’re in charge of a ship (a captain), serving on a merchant ship, or a seafarer. You’ll also need an ENG1 for any UK Certificate of Competency (CoC).

The MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) states that every seafarer must have a valid medical certificate recognised by the administration before they can start work at sea – the ENG1 certificate being the one you need in order to work on a yacht or ship.

[Note: To become a crewmember on board a domestic passenger ship that goes to sea, you’ll need an ML5 medical certificate.]

The ENG1 certificate is awarded upon completion of a basic medical examination, carried out by an MCA Approved Doctor (AD). If you’re over 18, pass the examination and are considered to be in good health, your ENG1 certificate can be valid for up to two years (your doctor will clarify terms upon completion).

Bestcare Hospital is recognized and used as a center for the following medical examinations for sailors in Nigeria:

1. For ENG1 Medical Certificate
2. OGUK (Oil and Gas UK) Work Offshore.
3. Belgian Seafarers
4. NIMASA Seafarers

Your companies can register with us as to have company-approved doctors approved to carry out ENG 1 medical examinations.

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