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Best Care Hospital, OGUK Offshore, ENG 1, Belgian, Norwegian, NIMASA, Certified for Seafarer's Medicals, Ambulance Service, Obsterics, Gynecology, Emergency (A&E), Pediatric, Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Pre-employment Test, Pre-School Admission, Medical Consultation, Orthopedic Service, General Surgery, ENT Medical Service, Domestic Health Screening, Food Handlers Test, Audiometry, Spirometry (Lung Function Test), Drug & Alchol Screening, Mobile Clinic etc.

BESTCARE Hospital is recognised and approved for medical examination centre for seafarers in Nigeria. BESTCARE Hospital Medical Examinations for sailors include: Medical Examination for seafarers. ENG1 Certificate for seafarers OGUK (Oil & Gas UK) Work Offshore Certificate Belgian Seafarers Certificate NIMASA seafarers Medical Services hospital

Bestcare Hospital is an approved Hospital for seafarers.The MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) states that every seafarers must have a valid medical certificate recognised by the administration before they can start work at sea. The Following is Seafarers Medicals, that we do at Bestcare Hospital. ENG1 Seafarers OGUK (Oil & Gas UK) Belgian Seafarers NIMASA Seafarers

Bestcare Hospital is a registered clinic offering OGUK medicals. This is an assessment of medical fitness to work off shore (in the Oil and Gas Industry or Wind Turbine Installations). It can only be carried out by an OGUK Approved doctor. Who needs it? Anyone working offshore in UK or Norwegian waters. Those personnel working worldwide,…

If you’re planning to get a job as crew on board a yacht, you’ll need to obtain an ENG1 Seafarer Medical Certificate or equivalent before you can begin working on board. Here’s a look into what the ENG1 is, why you need it and how you can set about obtaining yours. Yacht doctor taking ENG1…

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